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Installing and Using your Secure Email Certificate with Thunderbird

Assigning your Certificate to your email account:


These instructions assume you have previously followed the instructions to save your certificate to a secure location.

Thunderbird has it's own certificate store and does not automatically pick up certificates from the Windows certificate store.


1. Open Thunderbird

2. Select Tools from menu

3. Select Options from drop down menu

4. In dialog box that appears select Advanced tab

 Click on the Certificates Tab...Thunderbird Options

Click on the View Certificates Button...
Certificate Manager

Click on the Import... Button


Select the certificate file (*.p12, *.pfx)

Click on the Open Button...


Browse to the location of your PKCS12 certificate and enter any necessary passwords.

Insert password used when created file



Once complete the certificate will appear and you will be able to digitally sign e-mails you send out.


Signing a single Email:



Signing an email ensures the recipient knows the email has come from you and informs him /

her if it has been tampered with since being signed.

1. Compose your email and attach files as usual

Create a new email

 Select the S/MIME menu and check the "Digitally Sign This Message" Option.

Sign an email


2. Click Send button


Encrypting and sign a single Email:


Encrypting an email ensures that only the recipient may view the email content and any attachments.

Note: in order to encrypt an email for the recipient you must have the recipient's

digital certificate, and their digital certificate must be assigned to the relevant entry in your

address book

1. Compose your email and attach files as usual

2. Ensure the recipient has a Digital Certificate and you have assigned the Certificate to

their entry in your contacts area

3. Follow the process above and choose "Encrypt This Message"

Sign and encrypt message

4. Click Send button



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